Hi, I'm Justin

I am a Dallas based photographer, videographer and owner of JT Media Arts. An educator by trade; teaching in the Dallas area, I discovered an interest in photography and video through my summer travels abroad. Capturing all the sights and sounds of a new, unexplored destination with my camera was enthralling! I quickly felt my interest for capturing life through my lens turning into a full blown passion. So I decided to start JT Media Arts as a way to funnel my passion of capturing moments to help others memorialize and tell their own stories.

When I'm not traveling abroad, out and about snapping photos or in my classroom discussing the nature of the universe with my students, you can usually find me editing videos or grading papers at a local coffee shop. Understatement: I love coffee. I'll just leave it at that.

They say behind every person is a greater story; moments that go unseen, untold and often forgotten. My goal as I continue to grow creatively and expand my business is to tell those stories and moments through my lens. That's my story... what's yours?